The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Can you picture that Office Max commercial when the Christmas song "the most wonderful time of the year" is playing as the parents are shopping for back to school supplies!  My kids go back tomorrow and this year out of all years, I am the least prepared.  

The good news is we had such a fun summer!  The weather was beautiful and living so close to the ocean is so great as we spent a lot of time at the beach (either during the day or as a family early evening for dinner, so much fun)!

I am not ready for them to go back but I am ready, how about you?

Ready mentally to shift and have more time to work and play at home!

Not ready in terms of having stuff ready!  It is a heat wave this week so I am not concerned about new clothes, they will just wear their summer clothes this week.  

Things to do to prepare back to school:
-back packs
-mudroom organized
-system set up for flow of papers coming and going
-lunch boxes
-snack and lunch items (check, I did do this)!
-clothes inventory and purchasing and purging (this weekend perhaps)!

We had a FABULOUS family weekend and these past days have been filled with FUN FUN FUN!!!!!

HIPP moms are productive and there are times we insist that productivity is all about the time we have together!

Have a HIPP "back to" day!


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