Doing or Being?

Saturday, October 23, 2010

What do you find yourself "doing" more, "doing" or "being"!

I would propose you are more than likely "doing" a whole lot of "doing"!  There are not enough hours in the day and for those of us that juggle (all of us), we have to do do do!!!!

Cleaning the house, Doing the Laundry, Making breakfast, Packing Lunches, Walking the Dog, Driving to work or to the gym, Doing Your work, Writing Your "to do" list, Running Errands, doing e-mail, doing shopping, driving kids, attending a meeting, making dinner, doing homework (monitor), doing bedtime routine, doing volunteer work.  The list goes on and on!!!!!

Spiritual, patient, open, honest, true, reflective, loving, caring, motivated, passionate, pure, committed, thoughtful, generous, grateful, helpful, friendly, lovely, wise, responsible, happy, real.  

The fact is, we do need to "do the do"!   However, we get too caught up in doing that we are can become numb to "being"!  Make a choice today to BE!!!!!!!!!  Do less and be more, just for one day.

While you are doing, make sure you are being!

Choose to BE HIPP today!


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