From Bars, to Babies now Boys!

Friday, October 8, 2010

I had a friend visit today whom I have not seen in a while.  It was so great to connect, and again, spend time with not only a friend but also a mom who has kids close to my kids ages.  
I met my girlfriend when we were in our late 20's, we were so ready to "settle down" and our biological clocks were ticking, the only problem is that we did not have the right person to settle down with in our lives.  We would go out for a glass of wine, and talk about life issues and of course, laugh a lot.  I loved our friendship because we were in similar stages in life, wanted similar things out of life, and I think that is why we hit it off so well when we met.

Time passes and we both meet our husbands, and get married and have babies right away.  We do not live that close to each other and with the overwhelm of motherhood, we did not stay in constant contact, but did stay in touch throughout the years.  It is hard to believe it has been a few years since I have seen her.  We would talk about pre-school then and now we are dealing with 8+ year old boys.

It was so great to see her and it was such an easy conversation, we just picked up where we left off!  It is one of those friendships that I always feel good after I leave her company, and I hope she feels the same about me.   After she left, I could not help but reflect that we have gone from "20 somethings" having wine at a trendy bar, to having babies (one after the other) and now we are both hockey moms thrown into the life of the suburban house wife.  While our lives are very similar they are different as well, she knows that I have my business and cheers on the business side of me and has always been incredibly supportive of my success (since day one).  I too am incredibly inspired by her ability to keep home, and play the role of SAHM so well!
Not only do we share a mutual respect for each other, we also share a mutual friend.  She introduced me to another gal that has become a very dear friend as well.

Time passes too quickly and our lives are always so busy, but it is so great to just connect with a dear friend you have not seen in a long time.

I am more HIPP by friends like my friend today!
Have a HIPP day and don't be afraid to pick up where you left off!


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