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Thursday, October 28, 2010

This mom/life balance stuff is not easy.   It takes patience, courage, humility, strength, love, determination, vision, and a whole lot of humor.  It also takes a team!

I am so blessed because my team mate in the journey of raising happy, confident, well rounded kids and living a life of our dreams is my husband Charlie.  He is the reason in my life that we make it work (not perfectly, but perfectly okay)!

I am the main one that has to manage everything, including the household, but Charlie helps out in every area that he can.  He has a demanding corporate job, so it is not always easy, and that needs to come first for him at times.  Thankfully, he works from home, and because of that, helps out with the morning routine, and can do a pick up or driving to an activity if it works with his schedule.  He works about 50 hours a week and plugs back in each evening.  

I am blessed with an incredible home based business and I am truly living a life where I can be there for my kids.  So between the two of us, we really work well as a team to provide a nice life for our kids.  

HOME is sacred to us.  It is the comfort of home that feeds our soul.  Being a TEAM is important to us, quite simply, I would not want to do it alone (I would be complaining way too much and talking way too much about how busy I am, no one wants to hear that)!

Everyone's situation is different and we all do what we need to do to make our homes and families HIPP.  I hope this post encourages you to strengthen your team and to create the support around you to live your HIPPest life!

I am grateful for the HIPP guy in my life!


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