My Report Card

Friday, October 29, 2010

Yesterday we had parent/teacher conferences, I have to admit each time I go in there, I feel like I am getting my report card as a parent.  I start to think about if I forgot to send a paper in, and also the underlying desire to hear nothing but great things about my kids.  I used to sweat it out with my boys and anticipating that I would get feedback like they tackle other kids or don't listen,  but consistently they have been a joy in the classroom, I think they save it for me at home!

The first meeting was with my son Colby's teacher:
"Colby is a leader in the classroom, he sets a great example for everyone.  Everyone wants to be friends with him, he is like a magnet!   He is kind to everyone and helps others when they need direction on their work.  Academically he is excelling, above average reading, above average math, he is motivated and loves to learn, I love him"!

2nd Meeting was Cameron's teacher:
She first started describing Cameron as "I can see Cam when he is a teenager and adult, he is the popular kid that everyone likes to be around.  In the classroom he is friends with everyone and does really well socially.  We need to bring him in a few times as he is easily distracted".  
They described Cam as hard working, really strong in math (unless he goes off track) and with guidance improving his reading skills.  

Last, we had our daughter Kaili's conference and it started out like this:  "I adore your daughter, she is an amazing kid!   She is way beyond her years and is an absolute delight to have in the classroom.  She gets a long well with everyone and helps those that are more challenged. 
She is a very strong reader and is doing incredibly well in math (which was a turn around from last year)"!  

I walked out of the school feeling like I got an "A" for parenting (I need to share that grade with my husband).  So, all the times I experience mommy guilt because I did not do enough, did not pay enough attention or forgot something, etc....   I go to this meaning and think, hey, I am doing pretty well (which I know in my heart) and everything that I think and see in my children is validated in their world.  

But lets face it, the A is not mine, it is theirs!  They are very special people that will make a very special footprint on this earth!

My HIPP kids ROCK my world!   


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