Mommy Races!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

It is so important for mom's to have something outside of their kids, something they can do, feel good about, work towards and share with others.  For some of us it is work, and for some, it is hobbies or both!  There is a group of moms in my town that I am friendly with that really have created something that I think is great, they are mostly SAHM's and they run together and compete in races!

I was so inspired by this, because it is another example of how important it is to create balance and have something outside of your kids, yet each one of these gals put their families first and dedicate their lives to raising their families!  

Named the "Real Housewives of Essex County", I was so proud when I heard they placed first in their category for their most recent race.  It is not about winning, but to hear that, I was just so excited for them because they are striving for something, performing and being recognized, all good things for moms as we don't get much recognition for folding the laundry or wiping a runny nose!

So, if you are a mom reading this that feels you need something (especially SAHM's) outside of your kids or that you want to work towards something, then get together w/your mom friends and train for a race.  

There are so many benefits, the physical benefit of exercise is huge (for me it is equally mental exercise).  It creates discipline, team work, accomplishment and recognition, all important things for moms to experience no matter the ages of their kids.

So, partner with a friend or create a group and run together, even if it is just a mile to start.  Go for it, run after your best life mom!    JUST DO IT!!!!!!!  


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