My Hunch on School Lunch

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I can't stand making lunch, c'mon now, admit it, you do too!   The part of having my kids bring lunch is that I know how it was made, the quality of the food, no additives (sort of) and a nice healthy lunch.  

My kids think it is so cool to buy lunch and I am trying to understand that better.  Is it because I rarely provide packaged stuff (which I do have small snacks at times but also stay away from the real packaged junk).   In our home, we tell the kids they can buy once a week, they think it is a rip off!  I think it is fair, that way, I know what they are getting, and sneak in a cookie here and there!

They are begging me to buy more or to pack the stuff some of their friends are eating!  
Here are some menu items and you tell me how good they are for you:
-tater totters (really)?
-pizza poppers (well balanced)!
-french toast (oh yeah, my kid can't get enough syrup at breakfast)
-something dippers (I don't know pizza, nacho)
-nachos with "cheese" (you know the kind you pour on)

Now, there are some good choices too and I think some school lunches are fine!   I just have a small problem with "Kids Menus"!  I fell into the trap when they were toddlers,  out dining: "do you want a grilled cheese"  eat your french fries!  How about a hot dog?  Oh they have mac and cheese"!  

So, if you are a mom of little ones, if I could do it over again, there would be no kids menu--just smaller servings of what we are eating (as I have done for dinner many times).

It's HIPP to be square, and square meals are good!  The battle over food continues and as much as I try, I also provide the goodies and treats in moderation, but according to them, not enough!

So HIPP moms, your kids may buy more and that is fine!  There is something to be said about a packed lunch from home and as always, balance is key!


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