Not So Spook tacular!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We got "spooked" the other night and the kid's were so excited.  For you moms that don't know what that is, basically, your neighbors leave candy at your doorstep and ring the bell and run away (there is a cute note inside explaining this and also a "Boo" sign you hang in your window so other neighbors know that you have already been spooked.

We thought it would be nice to spook the neighbors that just moved in a few months ago.  They have school aged children and not only would it make them feel welcomed to our neighborhood, it would also make the kids feel accepted and special!

Spook Gone Wrong!
My husband was out there w/them (they also spooked 2 other neighbors), and came back to our yard, one son came shortly after him (I think dad was upset with one son about not listening).   My other boy came running concerned about his sister Kaili.   As we ran to find Kaili, my daughter Kaili came running, crying, out of breath and very upset.  

She said the neighbors had yelled at her, and she tried to explain what spooking was and that they were doing something nice for her kids.  The mom said a few words I won't repeat and the grandfather said "I am going to call the police", "do you want to jail for the night"!!!   By the time the mom could see how upset Kaili was, I think she realized she was not trying to prank she was honestly doing something traditional in the neighborhood.  

The momma bear in me wants to go over there and rip her a new one!  I mean, c'mon, it is one thing to correct a child but it is another to speak this way to a child--NOT ACCEPTABLE!
My husband walked over there to address it and let them know what the intent was.  As I saw my daughter grasping for breath, and saying, she would not even take the candy mom.   I grabbed the candy, jumped in the black beast (suburban) and drove over there.  I got there the same time my husband did.    The grandmother answered the door and we explained the situation and she said that the mom (neighbor) was upstairs getting the baby to bed.    Not resolved, but we could at least share with them what our kid's intentions were and deal later with the communication with the kids!

After a night to sleep on it and a yoga class this morning, I am still not okay with how they reacted.  I did pick up a voicemail from the neighbor explaining her dad is sick and there was confusion.   She later did the right thing and came over with a coffee cake for our family and a written note to apologize for the "misunderstanding"!   By that point, I could see she was an overwhelmed Mom and reacted out of either stress, or situations beyond my understanding.  I told her it was okay, we all have those moments and that I realize it won't happen again (in other words, you messed with the wrong kid, that will not happen again)!  I told her that I thought it was important for my daughter to hear her explanation (since this was directed at her), Kaili came outside and could not have demonstrated more grace, courage, maturity and as always, a very kind heart!!!!  

I always try to look for the positive side in most challenges (even thou it takes me time in some situations).  I shared with Kaili that what she had to deal with was not okay, but wasn't it cool for her to see her family jump to her side and how the community of family can withstand any challenge.    Likewise, even if she did make a mistake, we would be there for her no matter what!

My beautiful girl bounced back, I turned my momma bear growl into a proud momma bear and we lived happily ever after!


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