Sometimes we need to put things into Perspective!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Ever over react?  That is such a dumb question!

We tend to get into our cycle of life and at times complain about or sweat the small stuff.  Or we are so focused on who is doing what, who is not doing anything and what some people are focused on.  When I say "we", I am not just talking about me!

One of my closest friends had a health scare this week.  I am sure things will turn out fine, but my thoughts have wondered off of the small stuff and more onto thinking positive thoughts that things will be just fine.  

This reminds me that we all need to be so grateful for what we have and shout it out loud! 
I am so grateful that my son has such a strong personality and is so persistent, he will get what he wants out of life!  I am so glad I over indulged today on the apple/rasberry coconut cake I baked today, I am FULL of gratitude!

Now seriously, I am so grateful for my friend, her health and her life!  When we got word of this, I could not help but think how much time we waste on the small stuff or dare I say on the negative stuff (fake stuff)!

So HIPP moms, what in your life to you need to put into perspective!  Are you living your life like the victim or do you have an attitude of gratitude!!!!!

Wishing you a day that is full of content, presence, love, peace and good health!


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