The Taste of Home!

Monday, October 18, 2010

My husband shared recently with our kids how his dad made the best muffins with cinnamon and sugar on top, how he loved them while growing up!  Of course my daughter had to tell "Bumpa" about this and how much "my dad loved them" and how "my mom said she has never had them"!

While at our 2nd flag football game of the day, our daughter went home with "the Bumpas" (my in-laws), to take a break between games.  They showed up at the field (missed the game) but had a plate full of cinnamon/sugar muffins for us to taste!  

It was so sweet to see this "taste of home" for my husband transcend to his kids and wife.  They tasted so good, but even better was that Bumpa made them!

My brother's sister and I laugh because on some weekends we will all gather at Gramma & Bumpa's on Sunday mornings for "Bumpa Cakes", his homemade pancakes.  The laughter is about the calories because we feel they don't count (or it doesn't matter if they do) because the taste is something we will always savor--made from the man we all adore!   They taste yummy, but they also are the taste of home, the tradition that only Bumpa can create and feed the hearts and souls of his family!

So, what taste of home do you have?  How do you celebrate a taste of home in the Fall?    This season truly is the best to have either apple crisp, pumpkin spice, apple pie, or any baked item that you love!
Create a new tradition if you don't have one.  Nothing warms the heart more than a treat made with love!

Batter Up!


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