Birds of a Feather, Flock Together!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Have you found your own birds?  

As HIPP Moms, we all share one thing in common and that is living our best life!  Living our best life means many things and for the remainder of this year, I will be devoting more time addressing this important issue because that is the pulse of HIPP Moms, you living your best life!

Living your best life begins with you.  How you feel physically, mentally and spiritually!  It is about making the decision to get your HIPP game on and living each day on purpose but also being real, having fun and being your authentic self!  

I don't think I am the model HIPP Mom, I am a work in progress.  However, I do believe that I am so inspired by those around me, and I am willing to put myself out there and say, I choose to live my best life as a mom, and I choose to surround myself with others that live congruent lives.  We are not perfect, we are FAR from it, we are just on a journey to create a great family life, work our passions and not lose ourselves in this constant challenge of balancing it all!

I am so fortunate to live in a community with incredible people.  I have been blessed by so many friendships which I cherish.  I am learning thou, in terms of groups of people I associate best with, are people that are really more like me (not who I think might be more like me on the outside)!  

Last night I was surrounded by such people.  They are REAL!   There is no mask or facade, or "perfect mom/family act" (annoying)!    They don't try and be everything and display PPDS!!!!  What is PPDS you ask, it is "Perfect Public Display Syndrome"!   You know, the ones that think they are experts on parenting and care more about what others think as opposed to being real and being vulnerable.    Nice on the outside, but have a hint of "mean girl" in them!

I have been friends with "my flock" for some time, but I fly on the outside of the nest.  I guess it is because I no longer like to be too tied into a group, it is just me (I begin to feel overwhelmed and too much part of a click).   I have to say, I love these birds, they are my kind of people and they are incredibly HIPP moms, they are real, they are fun, they are my breed!

I am hoping this post will inspire you to think about your flock, and who you fly with.  Here is a hint, if you leave them feeling better each time, it is your flock, they are your breed.   My friend that got all us birds together is one of those people.   We hit it off when we met each other years ago, I knew then she was my breed.   She rates top on my list of HIPP Moms, she is real, she has humor, and also, she inspires those around her, they (we) are flocking towards her nest.

As my parents told me as a young adult when it was time for me to leave the family nest, "fly little birdie, fly" (this really did happen)!  I encourage you to make sure you have found your flock (which may be different groups of people).

Remember HIPP Moms, birds of a feather, flock together!
Soar towards your greatness!


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