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Friday, November 5, 2010

I love being a mom, I guess that is why I have a blog on it!   Although, I am sure if you were to take a picture of my face throughout the day, you would see a "not so I love being a mom sort of look"!  It's hard.  I really do believe that focusing on our family is one of the most important things we can do as moms.   Fortunately, I love being home, I am really good friends with my husband (we love to talk, spend time together, and share our love for our babes)!  All of that, helps me to settle in as mom, and try to take care of our home (with help from "my people") and not lose myself in the process.

I have such a vision for myself, and our family, and thank God I do because it helps me to break out of the every day-ness, challenge, bordom, sacrafices of being a mom.  I need to dream about how I transform people's lives by inspiring others to live their best life mom.  In my business I get to do that and I am so grateful, because otherwise, I would be cutting coupons with someone, complaining about what to make for dinner, cleaning my house by myself (cleaning to me is like going to the dentist), I love a clean house but I really don't like the work behind it.  I would rather spend my time making money to pay someone else to do it!

So, in your journey of being a mom, or having balance in your life, how much are you feeding your soul?  Are you dreaming?  Are you stretching, are you setting goals, are you living a healthy lifestyle, are you having faith in yourself and others, are you happy?  Truly happy?

I have a two dimensional vision for myself, the mom that is in the kitchen when they are home from school setting the scene and being there for them and this business leader that speaks to large audiences and inspires millions!

Today, I am not worried about either role.  I am keeping my vision alive but also living my life with purpose and patience.   Finding humor in every effort I make to embrace motherhood, and being grateful for what I have!


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