Sunday, December 12, 2010

I love Christmas, I love the season, I love so many things about it!!!!!

Let me be real for a few sentences.....

I am tired.
I am thinking about everything I have to do.
I am thinking about all the places I need to be.
I am thinking about the party I am hosting this week.
I am thinking about the luncheon I am hosting next week.
I am thinking about more shopping and all the wrapping.
I am thinking about what to serve Christmas Eve.
I am thinking about what to serve Christmas Day.
I am thinking about my business goals for the month.

Let's face it, it is HECTIC!   I think I am feeling this way because I have been out straight this week.   Dinner with friends on Thursday night, Friday night ornament party, holiday cocktail party last night and some stomach thing going through my house, only to get a phone call at the party that my son was throwing up (and we were having so much fun).  FA LA LA LA LA, LA LA LA LA!!!!!!

But I digress......
I really do love this season.  I just need to remind myself each year that I can't be everywhere and commit to everything, otherwise, I am out straight and feel the demands of juggling sick kids, holiday celebrations, work and play!

Time for me to play my Christmas Carols, take advantage of being home with my son who is laying on the couch and enjoy some time at home.

Game Plan:
I need a game plan!  I will spend some time today or this evening and map out my week.  Thankfully I am home tonight (I did have plans but have changed them because of Cameron).  

Set the Scene:
By 4pm today.  Carols playing, tree lit, fire going, and home with my husband (while he watches the Patriots game), gingerale on ice (I don't know why but I love ginger around the holidays) and perhaps take out, I don't feel like cooking tonight!

I want to be as transparent as possible and as much as I love the holidays, I too feel overwhelmed, tired, and realize I need a game plan!

Have a HIPP day and know the difference between loving and loathing the holiday season is choice and attitude!  Wishing you peace this season, as busy as it is!


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