She's Making a list, She's checking it twice!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Yep, up early and got some stuff done before I am out and about today.  I started laundry, organized the mudroom (well, some of it), got gifts gathered for today's luncheon and set up the beverage station for the holiday (or at least started that process)!  

Now, I am sitting here getting caught up on e-mail and making my lists, at least my mental ones!
I love this time alone in the morning.  It is my thinking time, my praying time, my time of reflection and my time of planning!  It is hard to get out of bed in the morning but anything worthy requires an exchange of some sort!  

Soooooo well worth getting out of bed 2 hours early this morning (2 hours is a bit much, can I encourage you to do 1 hour early).  I already got stuff done and I am sitting here, so comfy, in pj's, fire going (gas), warm cozy blanket, coffee, lap top and peace and quiet!  Ahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!

This time anchors me for the day.  It helps me come up with my game plan and ready to take on the day.  I will of course exercise, and today I have a business luncheon with some very special gals, to me, it is not business, it is more pleasure as these happen to be some friends of mine.  
I will make calls from the car and after lunch, race back north of the city to attend my daughters private dance lesson.  

Back to my list making!  
Presents, check!
Menu (well, not check but I am thinking about it)
Schedule this week, check!
Donate Toys, check!
Donate to Women's Shelter, check!
Donate to Food Pantry (well, almost check)!
Gift Baskets to my Special 5 (5 women in need this holiday season) almost check! :)

Naughty is not an option this season!  It is about being nice and GIFTING those around you!
I wish you the gift of peace today and this week.  As crazy as it is, take moments to breathe, think, and inspire yourself to stand still.  

Have a HIPP Day!


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