Playing Dress Up!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Do you get to play dress up as a mom?  You know, actually putting on clothes that you don't wear every day, being identified other than _____ mom or mommy!   I am home this weekend doing things that moms do:  baking, organizing, reading stories, driving to activities, cooking, family dinner and staying inside with a fire on this cold new england weekend.  On Monday, I get to jet off to a meeting in Vegas with my company.  I love my dual roles and most importantly, that my role as mom is one which I can be first in my every day life, but also that I get to exercise my ambition, my skills and my passions through my business and my commitments each day to grow and take care of me through exercise, reading, and balancing each aspect of my life (a work in progress no doubt).    I love going to this annual meeting because it is so empowering, it is all about living your life, dreaming, having vision, having courage, and knowing how you can change the world.  These are all things I believe in, and one reason for this blog is because I want to address the role of mom, and how we need to balance each area of our life.   It feels so good to "dress up", dress for success and have the opportunity to be in a conference with many empowering women, moms and friends.   I want to encourage you to play dress up!   Either through your work or through an activity which requires you to get some time away from your kids, focus on yourself and balance your energy and life with things that interest you, inspire you and make you feel stronger as a mom and as a woman.

HIPP moms dress for success!  We can go from tennis shoes & yoga pants to a fabulous fitted suit in 20 seconds flat!  Have a HIPP day!


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