A mothers love!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sometimes life takes us "off line" and the past few weeks have involved so many things, one of which was a heart break and shattered the hearts a big beautiful greek family.

My daughters best friend lost her Aunt suddenly at the young age of 48--she was a mom to 3, ages 11, 14 and 16.  My daughter is so close to her BFF's family and of course in a large greek family, that means that you are family with the cousins, aunts and uncles (I guess as long as they like you), and they adore my daughter!  I too am friends with BFF's mom, so we were both at the arrangements to support our friends, this wonderful family and to honor the life of this beautiful mother,wife, sister, daughter, and friend!

As heart breaking as it is, and there is no explanation to this loss, I could not help but feel the love "Auntie" had for her children, and as a mom, it hits home.   

Here we are as moms, caught up in our day, caught up in the small stuff at times, caught up in work or commitments outside of family and we can forget sometimes, how precious life is and how we need to embrace every moment and live in the moment!  

Because of this mothers love, these kids will be fine!  It will be hard for them I am sure of that, because nothing can replace the love their mom has for them.  What I do know is that she lived so presently in their lives, she was there for them and also, she made decisions which put her interests to the side, to provide the most she could for them (her love being the first thing)!  

This mothers love blessed her 3 children and she will live on in their hearts forever.  This mothers love inspired many of us, to embrace our role as mom, I believe sometimes we take it for granted, I sure do!  I am a better person because I knew her and am inspired by her example and commitment to her family.  My daughter loved going to her home because she treated her like family and that to me is a loving mom!  

I dedicate this post today to an amazing woman, MCP, you are a HIPP mom and your memory will live forever.  It is your example who shaped who your children are today and who they will be tomorrow--that fingerprint and unconditional love will never go away.    I promise to you I will love all over your babies every time I see them--as a mom, I am there for you and for them!


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