"There is No Love Like a Mothers Love"

Sunday, April 17, 2011

I had the honor of celebrating my Aunt's life at her funeral yesterday.  Although it was sad as she left us too soon, I cannot help but be inspired by her, and her legacy she left her family and those that knew her.   

As her sons described her, and the family priest did the same, two common themes kept on being reinforced in their stories.  It basically came down to family and caring for others!  My Aunt was amazing as her personality was huge, her humor a gift, her love was unconditional and her spirit was strong and feisty!  She was a Mellor girl through and through!  I was so touched because she was truly a remarkable woman and it made me realize how we as mothers leave a legacy in the world and we create the dynamics in our family and we teach our family the values we have.

In our family, family is EVERYTHING!  I was so proud to celebrate her life because she put family first, all of the time and she dedicated her life to raising a family.  Like my mother, she based her entire life around her children, and as a mother, you can never go wrong doing that!
It made me think of me as a mom, and how truly that role (no matter how challenging) that is the essence of life, in addition to being of service to others.  The memories her children shared were of her doing for them, getting special one on one time with them.  They remember how she was there for them no matter what and also advocated for them and their education and activities and challenges.  

My cousin said of his mom, she made me feel special, like I was her favorite even thou she made us all feel that way.  He also said (as he wept with the loss of this) "there is no other love like a mothers love"!  I could not agree more as I thought about my own mom and how she loves us all unconditionally and as adults, we will always be her babies and she will always be our rock.  

It empowered me to be an even better mom!  To remember, to make time for my kids, to give them attention and get the conversations going and to put down the lap top, or stop cleaning the kitchen to just listen, to be there and to create the memories and love that will live in their hearts forever.

I celebrate my Aunt and for the record, she made me feel like her favorite niece.   She will live in our hearts forever and she is one HIPP mom!  Celebrate the moms in your life and know that families create generations of values that are passed on and on.  In our family, it is faith, family and friends, thank you Auntie Eileen for inspiring me to be more!

There is no love like a mothers love!


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