Hats Off to My Boy!

Friday, May 6, 2011

For some of you, you may remember the "Blues Brothers" from Saturday Night Live, my son and his friend have that look going on in the "Home Town Idol" contest in our community the other night.  My boys are athletes, so when they decided they wanted to perform in the home town idol contest, my response was "really"?!  After being at a dance competition all weekend, they had my husband sign them up, my youngest did "take me out to the ball game" w/his buddy.  I went with the flow, arranged practices w/his friend, and thought, why not, we were so glad to see him (them) have an interest in something other than sports (as much as we love to see them on the ice or on the field)!  My guy sung his heart out, and he and his friend Conor were quite impressive on stage.  While I expected they might be shy, I saw these boys strut their stuff on stage, it was fun to watch and entertaining indeed.  My youngest was cute, and they stood and sang with their little league uniforms on, once the music became more upbeat, my son unexpectedly broke into a very outgoing dance, I was crying laughing so hard (because it is so typical of my son, he brings "cool" to everything he does).  I am most proud of my oldest son because he practiced hard, took it seriously, and had fun on stage with his friend--I am still in awe of the stage presence!  Big sis and her friend did a tap duo and placed first in their age group for Home Town Idol--even thou the girls won, my boys won my heart in this competition!  Hats off boys, you rocked the stage like you big sister!
Have a HIPP day mom, and see what it is your child can do that diversifies what they already do, it is a blast!!!!!!   Game On!


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