The Battlefield Take Courage

Monday, May 16, 2011

There are some days my posts are light hearted and I am just having fun, and making fun of my suburban mom life!  AND, there are days when I am touched by something that I feel I need to share.   Without being specific, I had a conversation today with one of my best friends, and through that discussion, I realized we all have our battlefield, well, you might ask, what is our battlefield?

Our battlefield is this!  It is the one thing or the 2 or 3, that we are constantly challenged with (outside of people, that can be a post for another day).  It is the battlefield, you know, the one you fight every day to live your life on purpose, to stay true to your truest potential and to remove the thing(s) in your life that are not serving you.  Most of you have figured this one out, but you slow learners, perhaps you are challenged by one of the following:
-insecurity/which usually means jealousy or the mean gene

You know your own battlefield, perhaps it is a few items from this list, perhaps I did not mention yours, but you know it is there.  Acknowledgement is the first step, and addressing it is the second step.  My friend shared with me her battlefield, which I understood and could relate to!  I was so proud of her courage, for her acceptance and so grateful for her faith.  

HIPP Moms have their battelfields, be it one or a few from the list.  If we say we don't, then our battlefield more than likely is denial and not taking responsibility for ourselves!!!!  I think it is so smart for all of us to do a personal inventory and see the areas we need to grow in and address.  I am so blessed to have this HIPP friend in my life because there is nothing more meaningful than seeing someone with courage and being inspired by that.   

So, as a HIPP Mom, if you have your own battlefield (which I am guessing you do), acknowledge it, accept it and most importantly resolve it!   Resolve can be an ongoing journey and one with which you can endure and truly live your HIPP life!

You are ready for combat!  Ready, aim, fire!


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