Spark and Hustle Baby!!!!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

I love the concept Spark & Hustle!!!   Spark & Hustle is a conference hosted by women for hire and workplace guru, Tory Johnson who is a correspondent for ABC among other platforms.  Her conference is all about empowering women to take control of their future, to create the situation that they desire in their life and turn dreams and desires into decisions and plans.  I have built a successful home based business and it is all of these success principles which truly separate those that succeed from those who don't!   The spark is the idea, the vision, the dream the "what if" or "I wish"!  That is in your heart for a reason and quite simply it could be your destiny tugging at you.  The "Hustle" part of it is the plan, the action the commitment and after consistent effort the results!  

HIPP moms are all capable of Spark and Hustle!  You can have anything in your life that you want, if you only Dream, Decide, Create, Commit and you will achieve!  The missing part that stops most people is the BELIEF in themselves and belief it could happen.  It WILL happen!

So HIPP MOMS, spark & hustle and make today matter!  
Check out my recent video where I am going after an opportunity to do what I love to do, inspire others, at the Spark & Hustle event.  If you like it, please comment!

Have a HIPP Day and put some hustle into your SPARK!


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