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Saturday, July 23, 2011

HIPP moms are strong, healthy and take good care of themselves!

Recently I had a small health scare which turned out thankfully to be nothing.  That one event, gave me time to think about how precious life is and also how important good health is!  Sometimes I take my health for granted, do you do the same thing too?   I feel strong, I feel young, I feel overall that I take pretty good care of myself (although that can always improve), having had a recent scare, it was an opportunity to be reminded about how blessed I am with a healthy body.  As moms, we often are taking care of everything, everyone, and we sometimes lose sight of the importance of taking care of ourselves.  If I could do the last decade over as a mom, I would have exercised even more, eaten better and made this more of a priority in my life (it has always been important to me, but I would find myself in funks of not working out or in bad eating binges, which can make you feel off).   So, I want to urge all of you HIPP moms to not only value your good health, but identify areas you can improve in (which we all have those) and make some considerations, changes and action to move yourself into even better health and vitality!!!

Here are a few tips for Healthy HIPP Moms:
-exercise at least 5 days a week
-eat well balanced meals (save the treats like pizza & ice cream for the weekend)
-drink lots of water, go for at least 68 ounces a day
-drink tea
-get plenty of sleep (you might be saying, yeah right), get in bed earlier than usual
-eat and drink in moderation (save the mommy juice for weekend's only)
-take vitamins (this is wellness, be sure to ensure that you have all the nutrition you need)
-read positive books, nurture your soul with either scripture, poetry or devotionals
-do yoga (it does the body, mind and spirit good)!

HIPP Moms are healthy moms, we not only take care of our family but more importantly, we take care of ourselves so that we can be there for our families!

Have a HIPP, healthy and rocking day!  


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