Get the Funk Out!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ever get into a FUNK?   Of course you have, anyone that balances work, family, and daily life challenges takes them on with abandon but also gets into a funk!

The past few days I have been in a funk!  The work I wanted to get done for my business did not get done (and this is work I have said I would get done 2 weeks ago).  I have not been able to get back to my really good eating kick, the blueberry muffins at this awesome cafe in town keeps me coming back for more and the worst part of it all (and perhaps the culprit), is that I have not been working out, doing yoga and have been in a funk with that for almost a week now!  

You know it is bad when your husband looks at the yoga schedule posted on the bulletin board, and says "Tricia is teaching the 9:30 class today, you love Tricia!   At that point, I made a firm decision that I was going to yoga NO MATTER WHAT!!!!

So, on the mat I thought I would be in tough shape since I have not worked out in a week or so.  Just the opposite, I felt more energy as I did my practice, I left there on purpose to do the things that I really want to do!   I sweat the funk out!

So, if you find yourself in a funk, the first step is to identify it!   Next, do something physical to move your energy (if you work out, hit the gym or studio or outdoors), if you don't work out, go for a brisk walk.  If you don't do yoga, do yoga (it is an amazing practice that I think everyone should do)!   Now, come up with a game plan!  What have you been putting off?  What would you like to do?  What is the thing you don't want to do (but it is important to d0)--do that first, then decide how you will spend your day and reward yourself for getting back on track (the reward should be something that feeds your soul)!

HIPP moms need to get the funk out and get the groove back in!

Have a HIPP day!


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